Who I Am

Hello there, Dear Reader!

Such is the norm I don’t completely despise talking about myself–it’s nice to be asked!–but when it comes to being asked to describe the facets of my life, my awkward self struggles with the questions no one asks. Where do I begin? Where do I end? How much do I share before things start to get excessive or weird? But I digress… So, who am I?

I’m a student in my final year of school at a small liberal arts college studying English and communication studies with the ambition of some day telling iconic stories of the previously voiceless (i.e. I want to write and ideally help others while doing it). And in my time in school, I’ve discovered a few things about myself…

I’m completely anxious–of the Generalized and Social sorts. I worry. A lot. About nothing logical, but the Anxiety Gremlin likes to occupy my mind. A lot. But, in a weird, roundabout way this part of me has given me a unique perspective. It’s like a concealed gift.

Speaking of gifts, I’m slowly making my way toward God. Er, I guess I have made my way to God and am consistently looking to better my relationship with Him. But I’m slowly making my way to a closer relationship. This is especially new for me.

Less new for me: I’m a total introvert–ISFJ if you’re into Myers-Briggs stuff. And I LOVE it! Depending on the situation and how comfortable I feel with you, you might not know it, but trust me, I find people exhausting (but fascinating) and require alone-recharge time just like every other introvert.

And in my alone-recharge time I like read, write, listen to music, read, research various thoughts/interesting information, watch movies, read, talk with God, write some more, and… READ!!!

Well… I’m an English major, so…

Hopefully these facets of my life don’t completely repel you… because these will pretty much be the central topics of my blog (with the occasional random post). Maybe this information will satisfy your curiosity as the Dear Reader of my writings. But if not, and you have further pressing questions about my interests or this blog, you can certainly leave a comment! Keep calm and read on …Did I really just write that?

Annnnd I’m keeping it in.


Sincerely Yours,


Yes, like the Eskimo and the Medicine Woman… My parents are cool/weird… Enjoy!