2 thoughts on “Everyone Has a Story–Even the Local, Friendly Shopkeeper

  1. Love your observations. It took two brushes with cancer to learn to stop and do what makes me happy. Right now that is reading what you have written while listening to the birds sing outside. She’s right you have to stop and listen to what is inside you not what everyone on the outside is telling you you need to do to be happy. Do you need a fancy car, or the “right” address, to wear the “right” clothes or any other “right” things to be happy – NO! Now sometimes you have to work a job that you may not like to make money to do the things you want to do. i know a young woman who went and got her masters degree and worked a job that she really didn’t care for so that she could save money to be able to travel. I’m not talking a week or two here or there but over a year now. She spent the first few months traveling to places she wanted to see and then spent the rest of the time traveling to places and picking up odd jobs to pay her bills. I have no career because quite frankly the idea bores the living day lights out of me. I would and have been happy with a simple job leaving me time to do the things that make me happy. Am I going to set the world on fire – nope, I’ll leave that to other people. Right now I love to garden, to take a tiny seed and plant it and watch it grow, to take care of it and see all the food it can produce to feed Frank and I and our extended family. To see another seeds produce flowers that dance in the breeze and make me smile. I love to feed the birds to see how many different colors of birds I can get to come to my feeders, to watch and laugh at their antics. And I have learned to stop and listen to what is in my heart and not worry about what other people think of me.

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