How Do You Define Busy?

Apparently my idea of busy does not align with that of others… Depending on who you ask.

I mean, a full course-load (16-18 hours), two jobs, volunteering, a few extra curricular activities/committees, among regular student/sister/daughter/roommate/friend duties–that’s not that much, right?

Yeah… Like I said  (wrote)… Depends on who you ask.

If you were to ask my pre-college self what I thought about my current schedule, I would have been astounded–at my gumption to do so much in the first place and my ability to pleasantly function despite my lifestyle. Three years later, however, and I’ve just found this to simply be my life. I don’t really consider it busy even when others tell me so.

Don’t get me wrong, I recognize that my life is rather hectic (as a side effect of college), but my busyness has become such a constant facet over the years, I’m just used to it and thus unbothered. But do you know what’s really sad? I seem really busy (I’ve been told), but I can think of dozens of fellow students at my school who are significantly more busy than I. Enough that they forego sleep or eating decent meals or other basic life necessities to get all they need done. Granted, they have different priorities and ambitions than I which alters time management and layout of the day, but still… Clearly something is not right in our college system. Or maybe entering your 20’s sparks some sort of hidden ambition gene all humans share… I don’t know, I just find it suspicious.

Even so, I like being busy. To an extent. Not so busy that I feel like I’m about to cry from commitment overload, but enough that I don’t feel like I’m wasting my life away doing nothing (relatively speaking). As a professor of mine says, “I don’t want to feel overwhelmed or underwhelmed–just whelmed.” Whelmed is not an official word (in this context), but I like it and completely identify with the sentiment so I’ll allow it. My whelmed just seems to be everybody’s overwhelmed… Or underwhelmed in some cases. Like most things in life, it’s subjective… Sigh.

What do YOU consider busy or too busy? Do you like being busy or more underwhelmed? Why or why not? Maybe everyone can get some nifty life advice here…

Have a perfectly whelming week! 🙂


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