The First Step

So, I did it. I did the thing. I finally started talking about my social anxiety, and it felt…weird.

In past posts, I’ve iterated I’m not shy about my anxiety–and I’m not–but I’ve never really talked about it in-depth with anyone. This was different. Talking about the basis of these anxious feelings and why it happens–that was new.

I want to say talking felt good, but at the time, I almost regretted opening up so deeply. I cried–twice (I was having an especially anxious day)–enough that continuing to talk was challenging. But I did it. And then, only a few hours later after talking, I already began to feel better. Ready for the next time I get to talk. Apparently, talking is therapeutic. This quiet one should really do more of that…

So, I did it. I’ve taken that First Step Toward a Better Me. But I didn’t come here to talk just about me, except that’s pretty much all I do on here. 🙂 Rather, I hope my story can ignite an urge in you to take your first step. Whether that be trying your hand at painting for the first time or asking someone on a date or talking about your mental illness, I urge you to take initiative. It may seem weird or scary or exciting and even after it may still feel weird or scary or exciting, but I think (no, I don’t know) it will all be worth it in the end–even if that end isn’t until years from now. Whether you feel ready to take that first step or you already have and aren’t satisfied with the outcome thus far, please know that you always have a friend cheering you on. 🙂

It’s time to make a breakthrough.

Now, I’ll leave you with a quote and a comic showcasing the benefits of taking first steps (sort of):

“Opportunities are not lost by those who dare to take initiative.”


If those guys hadn’t taken initiative, they would still be in agony over this girl and her ambiguous winking. After, they are both clearly satisfied with their action. 


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