Snowed In: The Ice(ing) on the Introvert Cake

It’s winter.

This seems to be a fact not many are accustomed to considering we’ve been blessed with more weeks of shining sun and blossoming flowers and, well, warmth than is considerably normal. Until now.

Now that we’re in the midst of winter, the Midwest is finally getting its healthy dose of cold wind and slick ice and soon-to-be snow, hence the inspiration for today’s post.

Before I left work for the weekend, I was talking with my boss about the anticipated ice/snow storm that was to hit in the next couple of days. She commented how supermarkets were likely to be packed after work as everyone would be stocking up for the Icemageddon and how everywhere is general was likely to be busy that night while everyone got their weekend outings accomplished. What struck us both as funny is it seemed everyone was dreading the coming weekend, not for the dangerously slick roads or the amount of time to be spent scooping snow off driveways but for the lack of social life. The lack of freedom to go out and do things. We agreed staying in for a whole weekend was way more fun than going out–that is is, in fact, “the life.”

It’s amusing that everyone seems terrified of being forced to do something introverts like myself choose to do pretty much every weekend–snowed in or not. It’s like the former won’t know what to do with themselves if they aren’t able to leave their homes for a little while everyday. Trust me, there’s plenty of things to do at home. Relaxing things–painting, cooking, playing games, practicing an instrument, talking with family, Netflix-ing, writing, reading, the list goes on… And if none of those super awesome, enjoyable, relaxing activities don’t seem the least bit appealing, there’s always housework and work-work to be done, too. See? Something for everyone! Except the outdoorsy types…

I’m hoping this brush with introversion shows everyone just how relaxing staying in can be, how vital solitude is to our ability to function–everyone, not just introverts. Or maybe all this will prove to some is just how profusely they hate staying in. Either way, it’s bound to be a learning experience! 🙂

Note: This post was in no way intended to make fun of those fearing for the weather this weekend due to inability to stay safe on the roads, to do an outside job, to execute important, special plans–only those who were genuinely afraid to stay inside all weekend. I know, I’m mean. 🙂

Stay awesome, introverts (and non-introvert friends)!


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