Ring in the New Year with Reality

Wow, that doesn’t sound very positive, does it? Well, it can be… if you’re an optimistic person! Right?

Safe to say the reality of 2016 was pretty unbearable across the globe, in terms of current events and personal lives. As a result, people are placing way too much pressure on 2017 to be the perfect year, the white knight savior, to rescue them from the imprisoning high tower 2016. Though I myself am hoping 2017 will be a better year, I can’t help but feel everyone is idolizing the next year a little too much. Granted you can’t really duplicate 2016, so by that standard 2017 is bound to be better, sure. But a date on a calendar changing doesn’t magically wash away our problems, global or individual. So it’s up to YOU to obtain this “perfect” year you want. What’s going to make it so wonderful? That’s up to you.

This is where New Year’s resolutions usually come into play, but I’m not going to suggest those awful, usually forgotten traditions. Certainly go for it if goals are your forte. Just remember that whatever it is you have planned to improve the new year is realistic. And actually desirable.

There’s always the age-old losing weight goal and find a new relationship goals. But how many times are those goals actually attained by the end of the year? And how many of those goals are set in the first place because the creator genuinely wants to lose weight or find a significant other and isn’t simply being pressured by society to adhere to its impossible standards? Okay, I’m getting into that society tells you to be yourself but not like that argument, so I think I’ll stop here.

All I’m saying (writing) is just 1) don’t let a new year be cause for a new change and 2) ensure those new changes are changes YOU want and know you can make. Okay? Sorry I’m so bossy…

I’d love to learn about all your changes (if any) for the 0h-so-special 2017, or if not this year, past changes you’ve made or have tried to make. Happy New Year. 🙂


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