Well, hello there

Hi! If you’re reading this, then awesome! Welcome! Don’t let my I’m-about-to-tell-you-what’s-what-so-take-a-seat title scare you. I’m reallllllly nice, I promise. And actually quite a bit…timid. So I thought it was high time I succumbed to that new (old?) trend of creating and maintaining a blog. Here’s why:

As a proudly proclaimed introvert (Trust me, I have NO problem telling anyone and everyone about my introverted ways which kind of negates my claim of being an introvert. Although if you ever have the privilege of meeting me, you’d find just how true my claim really is. But I digress…) I prefer to reflect internally on what I see and hear before reacting to the situation. A lot. Which, to the observational eye, can cause me to appear aloof and uninspired when in reality I’m just processing the world around me. However, as a result of attending a small, liberal arts university that thrives on classroom discussion models and all-around verbally sharing thoughts and ideas, I’ve begun to gravitate towards ditching my reflection periods and vocalizing my thoughts more immediately. Or rather, trying to do so. Can’t exactly change a personality trait that comes so naturally. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to change who I am (Introverts for the win!) but my tendency to reflect and attempts to internally sort out the jumble of thoughts in my head have in the past led to disorganization of disaster proportions when trying to voice those thoughts. You’ve seen this around the internet I assume?


Yeah, that’s me most of the time even when I have something I want to share with others. All of this is to simply say I think writing through my thoughts will be a good way to, well, sort through my thoughts and encourage more thought-sharing in and outside the classroom (hence the theme of this blog).

Also, I really, really, really love to write. Like, a lot. I keep a journal, I hold a feature writing position, hold an editing position for a student publication for my school, will hopefully hold a staff writing position for the student newspaper this coming semester also for my school, and of course because I am a student, create academic papers for my classes. This blog is just the latest in my writing endeavors.

So what you should gather from this little welcome post is:

  1. Welcome!
  2. I started this blog because I want to better vocalize my thoughts and opinions and I simply love writing.

Alright, I think you’ve read my writing enough (equivalent to listened to me rant) for one day, so I’ll let you take a break. I suppose… But there will be more to come! Until then…


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